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Golfing on the Alabama Gulf Coast

I have my husband to thank for getting me into golf, although at first I wasn’t so sure I should thank him. He convinced me to start playing because it is “relaxing and fun.” Does throwing a golf club and yelling at a golf ball out of frustration count as fun? As it turns out, he introduced me to golf, but I had to introduce him to the concept of chilling out.

In all honesty, we do enjoy playing golf together, particularly when we’re on vacation. Enjoying the beauty of the sprawling greens is the icing on the vacation cake. We’ll spend a couple of early morning hours on the golf course, then cool off in the ocean or pool. It doesn’t get much more relaxing than that!

The Alabama Gulf Coast has many great golf courses and golf vacation packages. Championship courses designed by some of golf’s greatest players are everywhere. Check out www.thebeachiscalling.org for more information.

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Camping in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach

Camping hasn’t always been my favorite activity. The earliest camping experience I can remember was with my Dad and my sister. I don’t remember much, except that a terrible thunderstorm came through one night. Our tent leaked, and the wind and lightning were so bad that we had to spend the rest of the night in the car. Needless to say, I was a little scared of camping for a while.

But that was a long time ago, and I’ve since learned that camping, if planned appropriately, can be relaxing and fun—particularly in Gulf Shores/Orange Beach, Alabama, where camping options range from just a simple tent and fire to an RV camp with electricity and other amenities. Camping trips with my family now include a tarp under the tent (and an extra tarp to hang over the tent, if necessary), bug spray, dry fire wood, a first aid kit, and a lantern, to name just a few necessities. (Yes, years ago my husband and I actually went camping without a lantern—I’ll just say, a flashlight doesn’t cut it.)

And the most important thing we bring with us is an adventure attitude and a love for nature. That’s what it’s all about, after all.

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Gulf Shores / Orange Beach Family Reunions


We haven’t had a family reunion in a few years, and a buzz has recently started up that it’s time for everyone to get together again. The discussion is always the same: where we should meet, we should go somewhere different, maybe a cruise, etc. But inevitably, we always end up at the beach.

And that’s fine with me. It’s never let us down before. Everyone can do their own thing during the day, and at night we all get together for various family activities, everything from card tournaments to white elephant exchanges to good old fashioned beach parties.

The challenge has been accommodating our growing family. Years ago, we were able to fit everyone in one big house on the beach. Now that all the kids have grown up and have kids of their own, one house just doesn’t cut it. At the last family reunion, we had five beach houses right in a row! It was a blast.

Many a beach house can be found along the Alabama Gulf Coast, as well as condos and hotels. Visit www.thebeachiscalling.org for more information.

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Beach Wedding


I’ve never been to a beach wedding, but I’d love to one day. In fact, if I could, I would go back and have my own wedding at a beach. What could be more romantic than saying “I do” with ocean waves crashing behind you and white sand beneath your feet? If you timed it right, you could have a beautiful coastal sunset as the backdrop for the pictures. Talk about an amazing memory.

And the great thing about a beach wedding is, there are options. Personally, I would want to do a full-blown all-on-the-beach wedding. But you could also have the wedding at a church or some other venue and the reception at the beach (or vice-versa), or have the whole thing inside with the beach setting just outside the window. This way, weather can be taken into account (a must when planning an outdoor event), so even if it does rain, the ceremony and celebration can still go on—and still be fabulous.

Maybe I can entice my next engaged friend to bring the party down to the Alabama Gulf Coast. Information on planning a wedding at Gulf Shores/Orange Beach can be found at www.thebeachiscalling.org.

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First Family Vacation

The weather has finally warmed up after a brutal cold snap, and I can’t help but look forward to spring. And with spring break quickly approaching, I know that plenty of vacationers will be making their way down to the Alabama Gulf Coast.

Beach vacations are a popular choice for families looking for a spring break getaway, and make great first memories that the youngest family members will always remember. I can still recall being amazed by the blue water and the crashing waves the first time I saw the ocean. As an adult, I always enjoy seeing young children experiencing the beach for the first time. Their awe when they see the ocean for the first time and their excitement as they play in the sand is priceless.

Families can really enhance the vacation by participating in other activities like hiking, fishing, or visiting an amusement park for a day. Gulf Shores and Orange Beach have lots of excursions to offer—just visit www.thebeachiscalling.org to start planning.

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