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Finding a Place to Hang Your Hat


If you are like me, probably the first question you have to answer after deciding to plan a vacation is, where are you going to stay? Luckily, the Alabama Gulf Coast has lots of lodging options (check out www.thebeachiscalling.org). It’s just a matter of picking something that works for you.

Sometimes I prefer hotels and condos because they offer a range of options such as pricing and the number of beds and/or rooms needed. And many have some great amenities (spa, fitness center, tennis courts, indoor/outdoor pool).

Beach houses provide a more personal feel. Vacationing with the family in a private beach house makes for a relaxing, intimate experience. A bed-and-breakfast offers an at-home atmosphere coupled with hospitable service.

Or if you really want to keep things simple and get in touch with nature, perhaps camping is the way to go. Park the RV, pitch a tent and fall asleep under the stars. We enjoyed this when the kids were younger.

You might also consider some other factors, such as location (on the beach, in town), smoking or non-smoking accommodations, and whether pets are allowed.

Whatever your choice for lodging, I know you'll enjoy the Alabama Gulf Coast as much as I do.

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Standing on the white-sand beaches

Standing on the white-sand beaches of the Alabama Gulf Coast can be an awe-inspiring experience. With the sparkling water stretching out as far as the eye can see, the call of the ocean becomes strong. Why not give into the sense of adventure and explore what the waters of the Gulf have to offer?

Fishing is a great way to relax and enjoy the open sea. Charter a boat for the day and take the family deep sea fishing; the various fish that live off the Gulf Coast make this excursion exciting and educational. Add to the fishing fun with some dolphin sightseeing.

For those who are really adventurous, parasailing might be the way to go. Discover the ocean from a bird’s eye view as you cruise through the air high above the water.

Visit www.thebeachiscalling.org to explore the options for ocean adventure.

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Mardi Gras Fun

Did you know that New Orleans is not where Mardi Gras originated? Although the city and celebration are closely associated, Mardi Gras has its roots in Mobile, where it has been celebrated for more than 300 years.
Most people have a preconceived notion of what Mardi Gras in New Orleans is, or at least could be, like. Mobile's celebration is more laid-back, a family friendly affair that involves trinkets and Moon Pies.
From Mobile to the Alabama Gulf Coast, cities and towns plan their own ways to celebrate Fat Tuesday and the weeks leading up to it. From now until Feb. 24, there are numerous parade featuring the many krewes in the area and the elaborates floats and costumes they have come to be known for.
Both Gulf Shores and Orange Beach have parades planned for the big day. The benefit to choosing these celebrations over their big-city cousins is the small-town, family atmosphere to be found in each location. And with one parade in the morning and the other planned for the afternoon, you get twice the fun in a single trip!
Visit www.thebeachiscalling.org to find out about Mardi Gras events.

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Book Now for Spring Break

The holidays have passed, school is back in session and life is about to settle into familiar routine. The next big occasion for parents and children to anticipate is spring break.
So, when is the best time to start looking for – and booking – spring break trips?
Why rush, you might wonder. It's pretty simple, really. Booking early gives you the chance to choose from the widest range of options. The selection is at its peak, and there are some super bargains out there for those savvy enough to find and secure them.
Even more important than price, at least for some families, is the first rule of real estate – and, apparently, vacations – location, location, location. By booking now, those with a preference for certain amenities have the luxury of being able to pick among locations.
Whether it's access to the beach, a pool, a destination, shopping, dining or other recreation opportunities, booking early means having the chance to get the most out of your spring break adventure.
If you are ready to answer the siren call of the Gulf of Mexico, visit www.thebeachiscalling.org to see what opportunities – and amenities – await!

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Staying Healthy on your Beach Vacation

Is there anything worse than spend an entire trip feeling less than your best?
We can't claim to have the cure for the common cold at the Alabama Gulf Coast (even a cold seems better at the beach!), but there are some common-sense ways to ensure that a foreseeable circumstance doesn't put a damper on your stay:
1. Wear sunscreen – No matter the season or the weather, if you can go outside, you can sustain damage from the sun to your skin. Even in overcast conditions, ultraviolet rays can make their way to exposed areas. Use sunscreen to deter sunburns, even chapped skin from wind. And remember to reapply liberally.
2. Drink plenty of water – Staying properly hydrated might just be the “magic bullet” treatment so many people are searching for. Drinking enough water keeps a body healthy inside and out.
3. Rest – Everybody wants to get as much as possible out of vacation. But if you go home exhausted, that defeats the purpose. So slow down, kick your sandles off, take a nap.
4. Be mindful of the “locals” -- Insects, plants and creatures by land and by sea are beautiful to observe but less than pleasant to encounter, so be on the lookout for advisories and watch your step.
If you do find yourself in need of some first aid, visit www.thebeachiscalling.com. Click on “Travel Tools” and go to “Guest Services” in the drop-down window.

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